Adoption Law

Adoption law provides a way for an individual or couple to assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a child born to another person. Following an adoption, the legal commitments between a child and this or her birth parents are permanently removed. The law recognizes adoptive parents and the child as a natural family. In addition to daily matters in the child’s life, the adoptive parents manage matters involving medical treatment, education and religion.


The adoption process in Oklahoma can put stress on people. If you are considering adoption you’ll need an experienced lawyer on your case who can answer your many questions and ease any worry or apprehension that might arise. Whether you are pregnant and considering adoption, or an individual or couple seeking to expand your family, you require the proper legal steps to finalize your situation.


Phillips Law Office in Oklahoma City provides exceptional adoption law services. Lance B. Phillips is dedicated to supplying his skills, knowledge and professional legal training to represent and facilitate the adoption process. If you are a pregnant mother to be, foster parent, individual or couple pursuing private or state adoptions through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services please contact Lance today to ensure you are properly legally represented throughout the process.