Criminal Law

Phillips Law Office specializes in criminal law. If you are in need of legal representation that addresses all aspects of the criminal legal system, call Lance B. Phillips.


While the federal government does prosecute some crimes, the majority of criminal charges are from the state level. Oklahoma statutes address violent crimes such as sexual assault, armed robbery and the degrees of murder and manslaughter. State laws also prohibit property-related crimes such as identity theft, burglary, and fraud, in addition to so-called white collar crimes involving fraud.


There is no such thing as a minor criminal charge. A misdemeanour affects your career, finances and even your family life. Your entire future is at stake when you are faced with a felony. Lance is an experienced criminal lawyer who has successfully guided his clients to a resolution for many years. He understands the damage that can be caused by an indictment or criminal charge.


Phillips Law Office in Oklahoma City will defend the rights of its clients in all criminal matters: investigations, plea negotiations and trials and appeals in both state and federal courts. Clients include individuals, corporations and institutions.



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