Family Law

An experienced family lawyer who can handle all aspects of family law proceedings is who you need working for you. Lance B. Phillips is the representation you can rely on. He is armed with years of experience and knowledge in all areas of family law, including:


Divorce: As an experienced lawyer, Lance expertly works through the paperwork and legal hurdles involved with divorce. He can represent you both in and out of court to arrive at a fair settlement. Rest assured everything is handled with care and expertise. The divorce rates in Oklahoma are some of the highest in the entire country, so you need a lawyer you can trust to represent you during this stressful period.


Child Custody: No parent wants to face the stress of the legal challenges around custody issues. But when you have to, you need a family law expert like Lance who will work diligently to ensure you have a fair custody ruling and the best outcome for your children.


Child Support & Alimony: Lance ensures anybody who is raising children receives proper support to do so, whether it’s a new child support order or modifications to an existing one. He also ensures fair alimony contracts are in place, and that all aspects of your relationships are respected fairly.


Division of Assets & Property: Lance is experienced in the valuation process and fair division of joint assets following a separation or divorce. He works hard to ensure his clients do not lose property that was hard-earned.